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In-vitro Fertilization Applications

In-vitro Fertilization Applications for treatment



IMSI and Other Sperm Selecting Methods


Preimp. Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

In which situation is preimplantation GD (PGD) utilized?


Ovulation Treatment

This treatment is applied when there is ovulation disorders and sperms have the required quality in order to treat the infertility caused by irregular ovulation of the expectant mother.


In-vitro Fertilization Treatment

The in-vitro fertilization method is used on patients who cannot get pregnant with the insemination method.


Inoculation Treatment

Insemination: is the first step of the auxiliary reproduction techniques implemented before the in vitro fertilization.


Barcode System

The system is used in all test tubes and petris in embryology and andrology laboratory

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The Ege Private In-Vitro Fertilization Center is a research and implementation center that serves couples in İzmir from all around the country that hope to have a baby since 2000. It has provided thousands of couples with this opportunity within the past 13 years.


Ege Private In-Vitro Fertilization Center

Patient Comments

After 11 years, we had our twin boys. Best of the world in my opinion. Ms Özlem, Dr.Rafael Levi, Nurse Çiçek and Nurse Raziye, thank you so much.


I was pretty scared when I first came here. But now I am so happy. Thank God, we heard the heartbeat as well.. After God, I have Özge at the desk, nurse Çiçek, nurse Zahide and especially – in my opinion the best Doctor of İzmir with his patience, knowledge and experience- Doctor Rafael LEVI to thank, thank you very much…The whole staff Is amazing..


Ege Private In-Vitro Fertilization Center

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